Friday, June 14, 2013

Meatless Diabetic Cooking...Indian Style

I attend a weekly Diabetes Clinic and on the last Thursday of the month, we learn how to cook diabetic-friendly meals. Last month, I asked if I could showcase my cooking skills and Melissa (our Diabetes Educational Specialist) pleasantly agreed. We cooked Tofu Masala and had a BLAST doing it.
I brought my spices from home. Cumin seeds are paramount to Indian cuisine

Melissa shows the lemon before squeezing its juice for our meal

We made a yogurt marinade for the tofu

Melissa enjoying the aroma of fresh ginger and garlic chopped together

Now we're cooking!

Adding Tomato paste

Tofu to the left and Masala from scratch to the right

Serving our wonderful meal

We made a great team

Volia. Tofu Masala for Diabetics

The class (my biggest diabetes support team) loved the meal.

What a successful night
It felt so good to give back to the people who encourage me week after week. During my first meeting at Better Health two years ago, I wept so much that I couldn't even introduce myself. I was overwhelmed by the diagnosis but Melissa and my classmates gave me the best gift a person newly diagnosed with diabetes could have...friendship and understanding. I am truly blessed to have each of these wonderful people in my life.

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