Thursday, November 29, 2012

iBGStar vs. FreeStyle Freedom Lite

I LOVE technology.  I am a self-professed "Gadget-Person," and when the iBGSTAR was released to the American market, I bought it the same week.

I was one of the first Americans to do a review of it. My review can be found here

My biggest problem with it was the fact that I had to remove my case.  But guess what?  Last week, I received an iphone case (FOR FREE) just for the iBGSTAR. They fixed the problem that I had with it...WEE!!  The case is wonderful because the app automatically starts which is an awesome reminder to check your glucose often.

Although the iBGSTAR has great bells and whistles, I haven't given up on my first glucometer (also known as "Audrey 2" because it needs blood and I've got more than enough). You would have to be a fan of the Little Shop of Horors to get the joke, but if you haven't watched it, you're missing out on a pretty funny joke.

I digress.

The reason that I have not ditched Audrey 2 for the iBGSTAR is because I ALWAYS...and let me say this again, I ALWAYS, A-L-W-A-Y-S, ALWAYS, get reading that are at least 10 points higher on the iBGSTAR than on the FreeStyle Freedom Lite.

I was once told that different glucometers measure different parts of the blood and therefore, they are allowed to have a margin of error (<20) less than 20 points. This means that both products are working perfectly fine. I am VERY curious, however, to know which one has the most accurate information.

I usually pick the lowest number, but is that the best thing to do? Do you have the same/similiar problem? Do you know EXACTLY what is tested in these glucometers? How can I find out (with a plain and simple explanation)?

Here's my glucose from this morning.



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