Saturday, January 21, 2012

Maybe I Should have Taken the Flu Shot

I'm sick.

But, there is something different about this time.  This is the first time I'm sick as a diabetic.  Sometimes I feel like I'm experiencing everything all over again because things are so different with diabetes.

First, I have to ignore all the "good" cough syrup and look for the ones designed specifically for diabetics.  Gone are the days when I can take tablespoons of Dimetapp because it reminds of the sweet taste of Kool-aid.

Here's my new cough syrup.

SUGAR FREE = taste really nasty.
It doens't have the best in the world, but for now, it's the only cough syrup the pharmacist recommended when I informed her that I was diabetic.  And, the last thing I need is for my blood sugars to spike over some cough syrup (I'd much rather eat an oatmeal cookie).

Also, running into the store and quickly grabbing a bag of cough drops was almost mission impossible yesterday.  Just when I grabbed my favorite "Lemon Drops by Ricola," I remembered that I can't do that anymore.  I need the Sugar-free cough drops.

I could have sworn that Ricola makes a sugar-free one, but this store didn't have it.  So, I bought Halls.
They actually taste pretty good
I chose Honey Lemon because I was in the mood for that flavor, but I was really impressed to see three different flavors of Sugar-free cough drops by Halls (Cherry and Menthol were the other two)

I'm really glad that I read about being sick with diabetes before now.  I hadn't know that most cough medications are loaded with sugar or that your glucose levels rise because your body is fighting off an infection.  The combination of those two things could go wrong quickly-and I don't want that!

So far, my numbers are good (130 two hours after dinner last night and 93 this morning before breakfast).  Now, the problem is...I don't feel like eating.  I feel miserable and just want to lay in bed all day curled up with my laptop, Kleenex, and sugar-free Halls.

Since I don't get sick that often, I'm wondering...Maybe I should have taken the flu shot.

I'd love to hear how you get through sick days.  What do you eat when don't feel like eating to avoid having "a low." 


  1. ive been type 1 diabetic for almost 40 years now
    i rarely get flus or colds but i developed a cough this year and had to take the above cough medicine,,,boy,,i never tasted anything soo bad but it does work,,,,i also take the halls cough drops,,sugar free,,,as for foods it usually soups,,oddles of to check with your Dr,,,especially if you are on insulin juice is good too as well as jello......


  2. Thanks very much Maryann. I usually get a cold once a year (If I get one at all), so I didn't get the flu shot.

    I bought some noodles today to make a soup.

    I'm not on insulin anymore, so I've been watching my intake of orange juice.

    You're almost a Joslin 50 medalist!! 40 years with T1, may God keep on blessing you. :-)

  3. I hope you feel better Dr. P!