Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Diabetes Awareness Month-Encourage Each Other

We're officially inside Diabetes Awareness Month.  It's so important that you spread the word about the disease, prevention, and to hug, support, and encourage Diabetics.

I just want to encourage those who are fatigued, out of whack, have lost their way, and/or have decided to ignore the negative effects of diabetes to GET BACK ON THE GRIND this month.

It's a big challenge dealing with diabetes.  It's overwhelming.  It's time consuming.  It's exhausting.  It's an hourly (not yearly) demand on our lives.  

So for this month commit to:
checking your glucose regularly,
watching your carbs (not watch them go in your mouth) limit them,
walk more,
and get proper sleep.

Let's Look Fabulous on Fridays (Dress in Blue for Diabetes Awareness).